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Condominium Center

Woodward Condominium CenterWoodward Properties’ Summit Area Condominium Center assists buyers, sellers, investors and present owners of condominiums in navigating the unique circumstances associated with multi-owner properties.

For purchasers, we offer our knowledge of area complexes and communities to help you find condominium properties that best suit your needs and lifestyle. We will guide you through the various rules and regulations of each community, point out differences in the by-laws from one association to the other and the amenities you can expect from each complex.

Sellers appreciate our expertise in the marketing and sale of their condominiums, whether a single-story apartment-type unit or townhouse. Our familiarity with local condominium communities enables us to price condominiums accurately to obtain the highest market price in the least amount of time, allowing homeowners to move on with their relocation plans as soon as possible.

Investors of condominium properties are able to take advantage of our market statistics showing area trends, most popular styles and amenities and the most up-to-date rental prices units are commanding.

Current owners enjoy our quarterly market statistics updates, keeping them informed as to what’s going on in their neighborhood on a continual basis. They feel comfortable contacting our office at any time to simply ask a question or use the center as a trusted resource.

Whether you are buying, selling, investing in or currently own a condominium property, feel free to contact our office and start putting the resources of the Condominium Center to work for you.



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